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Christmas Stories


Ok In the mood of all things We will make stories as i was telling people to do on CPR chat you can edit one in the post ( if you can) or comment below. This is one i made on CPR chat its a little short but, hey, it was fun xD.

Once upon a time there was 3 little soldiers trolling on CPR chat. Their names were Zach, Kai and Alex. When they were all tucked up in their beds on a snowy Christmas Eve, Kai decided he wanted to kill everyone. So there and then he made a Nuke out of Tinsel and Baubells. When he had finished he put it under the tree and went backto bed with a smile on his face. Later that night Santa was stashing presents under the tree he noticed the nuke. He picked it up and gave it to Joseph Stalin. Later that morning Thermo Nuclear War occured and everyone died. The End.

I hope you all liked it xD And Merry Christmas!

Rangers Lead the WAY!!!

-Red Destoyz

321fishpop Edit:  Hey guys, I just wanted to share this video with you. 

I guess I will toss my own story into the mix.

One day flash, kaihawk, and trev, all go thtier hands on some napalm from the Anti_Santa (Santa’s eveil twin, Duh).  Dee was being an anoying old fart.  He told them, “You young’uns shouldnt be playing with napalm.  Back in Nam…”  “Yeah, sure you old fart” Kaihawk said.  Kaihawk lit the napalm, and he died.  Dee luaghed. The End.

(note: Names are highly coincidental)

Rangers lead the Way!

Happy holidays,



22 Responses

  1. One day, a few CPR were on Club Penguin. The CPR were Red, Fishpop, Dee, Alex, Trev, and Kai. They were attacked by a bunch of ACP. The CPR fought valliantly, but the ACP were too much. They retreated, but the ACP killed Kai 😦 . The CPR were outraged that the ACP attacked them and planned a retalliation secretly. On Christmas night, Fishpop led Red, Dee, Alex, and Trev across the Penguinware to attack the ACP at their celebration camp. The ACP fought back, but the CPR had better weapons and the element of surprise. 10 ACP were killed last night. Later, the CPR saw a shadow in the woods. They raised their weapons and prepared, but something very unexpected happened. Out of the woods walked Kai. he had killed 5 ACP that retreated to the woods. We were all so happy, we had an epic party that nobody disturbed and drank lots of Mountain Dew.

    -The End-

  2. mmm Mountain Dew…

    • i want one now

      • we could have a toast to kaihawk

  3. Who doesnt xD

  4. once the best Chat leader red killed acp. CPR worshiped him, Team Gold also worshiped him. suddenly he died. he gave me the title of main owner i made everyone an owner. they went crazy exepet josphp3 and alex cone. hen i go a nuke and died the end

  5. Once upon a time there where three little CPR Soldiers. Fish ,Me And Red. Flash had woke up in the middle of the night to stir trouble in the other soldiers house.He Put a EMP in Red Stockings And Gave Nothing for fish.He Snuck Into His Room And Went Back To bed With a Grin On His Face With All The Presents Under His Bed For Christmas morning to Arrive.


    • EMP?
      isnt trhat some sort of explosive?

  6. Once upon a time there was a small squad of CPR soldiers named Hunter Flash Red Zach and Alex walking out on patrol.they went back inside for warmth and decided to go to bed.Red got up in the middle of the night and made nuclear laser guns and robots to rule the world.then all of the sudden santa and his reindeer and his elves came down armed with machine guns and rocket launchers to kill Red.Hunter and Alex and Zach and Flash got up and decided to attack Red and his robot army. Hunter and Alex and Flash traded over to Reds side and started killing and helping Red.then some random hobo in a plane dropped alot of nukes on everyone including santa and his elves and reindeers.that hobo happened to be hitler.the next year hitler took over the world but when he was walking outside an astroid hit him and aliens took over the world and then the Earth blew up because Hunter had survived the nuke and came back from the grave and took over the world and made the world all futuristic and he made a law that everyone could carry guns around. and then Hunter got super powers and ruled the world forever THE END

    • You said Hunter and Alex and Flash got up and decided to attack Red and his robot army, what did I do? Sit there?


  7. I never get mentioned :(((((

  8. Lol, Joseph Stalin.

  9. I got one,
    Some days before Christmas, Oagalthorp got three wishes because he was a great leader of the ACP (Talking like a person telling a fairy tale).
    He was told that if he did a fourth wish without knowing he already used the three wishes, bad luck.

    Oagalthorp decided that he’ll use those wishes for Christmas, he said he’ll save them for Christmas, so he thought in advance what he wanted to wish for, he decided he wanted a Club Penguin underwear, lifetime Club Penguin membership, and some magical thing that will turn him into a penguin and bring him to Club Penguin.
    Unfortunately, he thought that the wishes don’t count in songs, so when he sang ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ he lost all his wishes, because you say it three times.
    We Wish You a Merry Christmas
    We Wish You a Merry Christmas
    We Wish You a Merry Christmas
    And a happy New Year.

    So, in his first present, he wished he will get that magical thing that will turn him into a penguin and bring him to Club Penguin. But, he already used up his wishes so he was turned into a hippopotamus.

  10. After the credits.

    Chubby beat up Oagal and had a nice Christmas Party.


  12. I am surprised I was mentioned in about 2 stories,sorry, I can’t think of a story.


  13. god u pepo cant tell christmas storys, get some lessons or read books that would b entertaining. XP
    And i cant tell storys evan tho i do make them up for my cousins.

  14. one day after christmas, chubby was playing black ops zombies with red. then chubby shot a zombie in the face and it doesnt die. he looks in the corner and sees a shady figure. all of a sudden red yells “A HACKER JOINED THE GAME.” so then we were running for our lives when we heard a ho ho ho and saw santa battling the hacker. then i saw rudolf and took a shot. rudolf dropped to the floor and red said “what was that for?” all i said was “its not often you see a twelve point buck in a game of zombies, is there?” he did a epic facepalm. the end

  15. e.m.p= electro magnetic pulse. it makes all electronis within range stop working

  16. e.m.p= electro magnetic pulse. it makes all electronis within range stop working


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