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Sweet Tidings of Promotions and Joy!

Dee edit: I think we should repost this. COMMENT if you didn’t get a promotions! I’ll make that funky header for ya Red. 😛 BTW, Takashiemiko is back?

CPR High Command

Commander in Chief(s) – Ktman2, 321Fishpop

Co-Commander in Chief(s)  – Red Destoyz, Mr Deedledoo

5 Star General – KingJared7

4 Star General -Color Peng

3 Star General – Takashiemiko

2 Star General – Red Spanial

1 Star General – Chubby45378

Graphic Designer – Dozy12, Josephp3, Arseus1215

Media Officer -Gostt, Alexcone

~~~Senate~~~ (Dee hasn’t made a funky header yet xD)

Head of Senate-

Senate- Flash70801, Kaihawk, Trevhawk5, Zach 11

CPR Officers

Major General –  Suz48490, B O Y D O G, Hunter4690,Sly521

Major –  Meshma123, Pika298,Firegem18, Ohlie, AprilAndy19, Charizard58, Zachaman9000

Captain -Alex51992, Spkie99, Bellydiver9, Routeline

Lieutenant -Sapphire2010, Sosy43916,Joee125, J55559

Trainee Ranks

Master Sergeant -Grillch7200,Leoblue33, Ladtom2, Jniencheo

Sergeant 1st Class –  Clone25, Usmarine4, Billy68229, Ming36428

Sergeant – Owelitemario,  Elvis2500,   Kong7

Corporal 1st Class-Smoothguy02, Jooeric, Troop27, Crusherkitty

Corporal -Mini Buffalo,  Ktonboy98,

Private 1st Class


CPR Noob (By his own request) Itachi6dark – Red Raiders Founder, Former UMA Leader and now UMA Legend

CPR Advisors

  • Ktman2
  • Mr. Deedledoo
  • Articsledder

!!! If you did not get promoted comment here and i will see what i can do to sort that out!!!

Well for all those observant people put there you can see we now have a Senate again! The 4 Senators will be campaigning to be Head fo Senate. Then there will be a poll where everyone can vote that lasts 24hours and the winner is our new Head of Senate. If you dont win you are still a Senator and you can run for Head of Senate again soon.

Well guys i hope you enjoy your ranks as a little present from me and i hope you Guys have a good Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

Rangers Lead the WAY!!!

-Red Destoyz


5 Responses

  1. we need to get more trainees and less mods (note this is chubby)

  2. I am glad I went to the senate, I would like to thank you a lot for the promotion.

    P.S. My name is Zach 11 not Zach11, there is a space in between Zach and 11.


    • Got it Zach 11. 😉

  3. Yes, yes I am.

  4. New post by me tomorrow guys. Don’t worry. 🙂

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