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CPR Facebook?

Hey all it’s your friendly neighborhood Ranger hear to ask a simple yet possible life changing question… should CPR get a Facebook group? Ok Now I know most of you probaly have a facebook, if CPR got a FB group you wouldn’t have to be a fan with your personal account. What I’m saying is you don’t have to give out your personaly info, just make yourself a new Fb account just for CPR and we could be a grou of CPR bud’s on FB. Now I will make this FB group if you want me too I’m not asking for others to take on the responsebility of others idea’s. Some of you may be wondering when did you think of this? Well I was on chat last night ( Jan 7 ) and I was talking and asked if we had a FB group, and when I looked us up on FB I found that we didn’t, so I have been thinking about it and decided to ask you guys about it. SOOOOOO if you think this is a good idea then comment and tell me, I would like to add again that I will make the group ( I might require assistence with the profile pic though ).




2 Responses

  1. Yeah that’s a good idea!

  2. Youtube Channel!

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