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Practice battle with the Air Warriors/Sky is back :)

Hey all you Rangers (no, not that nooby RT, the true rangers :))
We had a pb w/ the Air Warriors

Click to see the image, also our proof of winning

Once again, click to see full size image, also, I had to scroll up to see the original image. Sooo yea!
Well, Glad to be back 🙂
Rangers… Lead the Way!!
P.S. vote for the Senate Head below this post 🙂


11 Responses

  1. BTW To Dee, loving your senate banner xD

  2. It was over fast but we did outnumber them.

  3. Yea, quite a surprise…

  4. Thanks guys

  5. I was at this PB, and I like the new header, and VOTE ZACH 11 FOR HEAD OF SENATE.


  6. can i be an alliance with your army? i saw you on cp today 😀

  7. look at my senate comment

  8. nice one guys!

  9. My first battle in a while, boy tactics have changed… what ever happened to the throwing of snowballs???

  10. god am missing alot… how long have i been gone for?? im really miss u lot 😦 hopefully i can get on soon

  11. Yep. Tactics HAVE changed. 🙂

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