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  • Welcome to the official website of the Club Penguin Rangers! This growing army, formed in 2007, is full of wonderful people, from our brilliant leaders to our brave and strong soldiers. Our main goal is to protect Club Penguin from the evil armies. The Rangers were created by 321fishpop, and were then commanded by Ktman. We believe that penguins deserve free will to do what they want without the hostile armies getting in the way, and to have fun snowball fights! Click HERE to join the Rangers!
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Some Pics

Random Pics! Enjoy 😛

Rangers Lead the WAY!!!

-Red Destoyz


5 Responses

  1. lol

  2. stop ignoring me dammit im retiring look at my comments under the youtube post

    • I HAVE G8 NEWS PEPO…but extreamly bad news…GOOD NEWS FIRST!IF U PEPO REMEMBER HOW CPR GOT HACKED… WELL I FINK I KNO WHO IT IS but if you kno who it is then its COMPLETY diffrent 2 my Person >•>
      am bored and am missin u ppl and i honestly thought tht there wasnt gona be as many ppl quitting as i thought there would be.
      i also thought tht u peepz were gona send a search party 4 meh, lol XD
      its good to see photos of chat.
      there is bad news, but id rather wait till am on chat tih ‘spill the beans’ as they say

  3. The only person who quit is Chubby

    • well, that jus goes to show that i NEED to carch up on ALL of the gossip, does it?

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