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H.o.S. Interviews

Why should you be elected the Head of Senate?

I am posting what you have told me via CPR Chat, but I would like you to comment below and give me a more in depth answer.

Kiahawk said: (not verbatem) I am very active and I have been in many other armys before. i have helped the CPR out even when I wasn’t in CPR. It’s My dream to be the Head of Senate. If you would like to add anything Kiahawk just comment below.

Trevhawk said: “I think i would be a good head of Senate because im very active and loyal and ill do anything for this army. I think everyone of our great leaders are awesome they deserve to be the rank they are now i think i should be head of senate because i am one of the most deserved people to be head of senate and I think that CPR is going to go all the way with me at head of senate and thats why i should be head of senate.” Wow Trev big words there, can you hold to it? If you have anything else to add comment below.

Flash said:”i would make the rightful decsions and nothing let anything hurt CPR. ill pass and decline anything like a peace treaty or something. Also I am a very active and loyal soldier.” If you would like to add anything please comment below Flash.

Zach 11: I have no comment form this person at the time, please add a comment below and tell me why you should be the Head of Senate.

Candidates please comment below if you have anything else to add, thank you and good luck in the elections.



7 Responses

  1. Flash: I Am Also Very Loyal And Active Too

  2. i have to support flash here. everything he said is true. good luck you guys

  3. and trev thinks we is great leaders lol hey taka i just realized that ive never met you!

    • yea I have never meet you lol

  4. I think I should be Head of Senate because I am active, I came to most of are events since I joined this army.

    I can’t think of another reason why, sorry that it is so short.


    • Thts ok, thank you for commenting.

  5. HA,AH sum 1 who actull spiks meh language!! XD

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