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Ok first, for the title. Yes I did just make up the word “Updations” So please don’t QQ in the Comments about how you looked it up in the Dictionary and it wasnt there etc.

Ok now we have a new Xat Background for chat thanks to Morpheus and his “Efforts” xD Us in CPR, we don’t stop celebrating Christmas until January 20th because thats how we roll. Also We will be having a CPR Comic Strip Competition. It was Sly’s idea and it consists of you make a 1 page comic strip of an A4 size and then we will vote and whoever gets most votes gets to do something, that i havnt decided yet. Maybe a rank maybe a page to post on. I have no idea as i am tired at the moment xD

The Competition has to include this image also~~~

Just to make things a little more interesting xD

Also guys go nuts with this. Just do what you want and have fun with it 😛

Rangers Lead the WAY!!!

-Red Destoyz (Fishpops 2ic and not the same rank as him as I do not deserve to be the same rank as him and its his army)

P.S. Wheres Dee O.o


11 Responses

  1. http://mediumarmypact.wordpress.com/

  2. hmm dono

  3. i cant take part but i can give advise

  4. i cant take part but i can give advise

  5. we would like to be allies

  6. Dee is ussally (<–yes look at my failing spelling) on ACP chat if your wondering where he is.


  7. The Battle of Sub Zero:

    • PIcures of the battle:


  8. snickers, you do realize i was going to post tht vid later after I edited it?

  9. I’m back. Just got into a little fear about the CPR after Flash and others started saying they’d quit. 😛

    CPR! CPR! CPR!

  10. I’m also back! I wasn’t really interested on going on the computer for a long time.
    I like the comic strip thing.

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