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New Page

Ok We are going to have Suggestions for a New Page on the CPR site! This page can be about anything you want but make sure we do not have an existing page like it. Once we receive your suggestions we will have a poll on the leading suggestions and the winner will get added to this site. From there they can update the page as regularly as they want as well as being able to make posts on the site.

~~~Please Comment Below~~~


Sorry if this post was Short xD Barely anything to write about 😛


Rangers Lead the WAY!!!

-Red Destoyz


12 Responses

  1. A help page, it is just basically a page where every CPR member can ask there questions and we can simply answer them. 😀


  2. How about a War page where results of other wars can be seen on that page so if we battle them we know there moves and other stuff

  3. Maybe a page for new troops that tells them what to do and not to do in the army. Maybe like a school. . .
    or something like that. . .


    • CPR Trainee camp, we used to have it in CPR. It’s like ACPTR, I don’t know what CPR called it.


  4. how bout we have a compettion page?
    basicly you get pepo to think up compitions and then you post the comp then a prize will be given to the winner like
    (for example!!)
    3ic for the day
    or something like that…
    and the questions can be about ANYTHING BUT as long as pepo know what the question means

  5. How about an art page? Where people draw anything about CPR and put it on the page.
    Then we can have monthly competitions, who ever wins get’s their picture shown on the Home page, and
    the top of the art page with some kind of cool frame (if you can put frames on stuff XD)

    • The winner’s picuture woud be the Drawing Of The Month winner.

  6. Zach and Sly I like both your ideas, I like Sly’s slightly more though. Try and make your ideas creative guys

  7. Lovely ideas. 🙂

  8. xD

  9. Well. I Tryed. . . ‘: /


  10. a history page with history that goes on from the day the page starts

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