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War! Wait! Who With??? (DOUBLE POST)


Server: Great White

Room: Dock

Date: Friday, February 25, 2011

War Lasting: 25 Min.


EST – 4:30 PM

CST – 3:20 PM

MST – 2:30 PM

PST – 1:30 PM

UK – 9:30 PM

~Times copied from the CPIN site.

Reds Edit: Try to make this guys Important :O

RED DESTOYZ- Yes you read it right WAR! Well we thought you guys were bored so we decided to attack some people we found. Why you may ask, well we were bored so we did. We are attacking The Club Penguin Ice Ninjas and some of you may be asking “Hey Red What is Club Penguin Ice Ninjas I have never heard of them” Well neither had I until a few hours ago. So let me tell you we replied on their website http://clubpenguiniceninja.wordpress.com/ <—– on the “Schedule a War page” and we are waiting for a reply. I would like a full turnout as we may be reconsidering some ranks.

I know you might be saying again “Red why you so lazy :O Wheres more posts with epic titles and you are so awesome and modest I can’t believe you are my leader!” and I will tell you why. There has nothing really going on to post about, also I have let Fish write things because he needs to post things more than I do 😛 Well I am trying to make sure I do not write to much as Fish wants to edit something in after as I stole his post and commented on the CPIN site aswell as he did declaring war xD Well thats about it for me guys.

Rangers Lead the WAY!!!

-Red Destoyz

321FISHPOP- Well, you guys have read the first half of this post.  We have given them 24 hours to hand over their servers, or we will invade.  Judging from their site, they do not have the manpower or tactics to rival us.  We will be therfore using in most battles pinpoint bombardments and other forms of supressive fire. 


5 Responses

  1. Huraaay………..?

  2. lol

  3. Awesome thats going be awesome awesome awesome awesome BOOM POW

  4. I will try to make it, hopefully i wont be busy 🙂

  5. i mite make if i dont have exams

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