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February Promotions Soon to Come!

Gostt-Edit: Sorry for the edit, but, troops may want to get on chat to get their chat ranks back. xD  Red will tell you why…

February 24, 2011

Greetings fellow Rangers. It’s Dee here once again to save the day. :mrgreen:

How have ya’ll been? Busy with school perhaps. I for one have been busy attending school activities and have just recently made a post on the CPUN site. Unlike here, there we have authors creating posts all the time. I apologize for not making the meeting.

Maybe you’d all like to take a look at the ranks as of now. 😉

Here are the ranks of the CPR Nation and the Club Penguin Rangers: Taken from the CPR Ranks Page

CPR High Command

Commander in Chief(s) – Ktman2, 321Fishpop

Co-Commander in Chief(s)  – Red Destoyz, Mr Deedledoo

5 Star General – KingJared7

4 Star General -Color Peng

3 Star General – Takashiemiko

2 Star General – Snickers4763

1 Star General – Flash70801

Graphic Designer – Wyoskyguy, Dozy12, Josephp3, Arseus1215

Media Officer -Gostt, Alexcone

CPR Senators

Head of Senate- Zach 11

Judge- Chubby45378

Senate- Kaihawk, Trevhawk5, Sly521

CPR Officers

Major General –  Suz48490, B O Y D O G, Hunter4690,Aprilandy19, Pwener1, Funkeytan

Major –  Meshma123, Pika298, Firegem18, Ohlie, AprilAndy, Charizard58, Zachaman9000, Wyoskyguy

Captain -Alex51992, Spkie99, Bellydiver9, Routeline,Mark45620, Venus889

Lieutenant -Sapphire2010, Sosy43916,Joee125, J55559, Carsdcarsd, Temppah V

Trainee Ranks

Master Sergeant -Grillch7200, Leoblue33, Ladtom2, Jniencheo, Palican123,Red80278, Miegy

Sergeant 1st Class –  Clone25, Usmarine4, Billy68229, Ming36428, Uscfan1234, Crusherkitty, Arseus1215, Powerxkidx, Silces

Sergeant – Owelitemario,  Elvis2500, Leered25,  Juju78314, 59 impala

Corporal 1st Class-Smoothguy02, Jooeric, Troop27

Corporal -Mini Buffalo,  Ktonboy98, jamesjj3, mackierocks1, Gilly80712

Private 1st Class-pok pok 3,Mini Peng 18


CPR Noob (By his own request) Itachi6dark – Red Raiders Founder, Former UMA Leader and now UMA Legend

CPR Advisors

  • Ktman2
  • Mr. Deedledoo
  • Articsledder

Take a good look at them. 😮 Comment if you’re rank isn’t updated or if we haven’t added you yet! And I mean comment here!

What is your goal for this month? Do you think you were active enough to get a promo? These are some questions to keep in mind. I take note of those I see commenting and on chat all the time. I’d like the leaders to make the big decisions. I don’t anything about the recent leadership conflicts here lately, but yep – like I said I’ll be leaving that to the big boys. 😆

Here are some of the stuff I suggest we do:

  • Re-Strengthen our ties with Alex Cone and the White Alliance
  • Bring Dozy back
  • Get a Practice Battle at least before the end of the month. Maybe against the Sky Troops?

Comment! 😀



Always move forward, going straight will get you nowhere.


23 Responses

  1. Nice gz guys

  2. Im A 2*General Not a 1* Anymore

  3. am fine dee,XP
    final exams for S3 this year BORING
    i dont mind if i dont get a promo am happy with the rank ive got XD
    heres a saying: Life is never sober, just when you think it is, it takes another swing at ya
    ®@NG£$ LÈÄD TH£ W@Y ™©®

  4. I should be a 3* general.

  5. Hey guys it’s me, sorry I haven’t been on in a while but I have been SOOOOOO busy lately but I’m trying to get on as much as possible. Also I should be a 5 Star General

  6. I think Dee just copied and pasted the old ranks which we never updated xD

  7. hello i am 2ic of the small/medium army called BPA and i am also the brother of the emperor 99kane.
    My army called BPA needs your help in a war.A army called cpfbi has been bullying my army for a few weeks and so we have declared war but they are to big to fight alone and the BPA empire would like your to lead us into battle.We have heard many stories about your army and with your help we can take down CPFBI once and for all.



    thank you

    from 99kane clubhot and the high council of BPA.

  8. What do you think guys, should we help Clubhot? It’s time for some action. 🙂

    Good to know you’re still here Suzy. 😀

    I’ll take note down your requests guys. I think all of you deserve promos for being here until today.

  9. please help me CPFBI needs to be taken down and they are allies with ACP.

  10. cpfbi are invading my servers in a few days please go to my site type in britishpenguinsarmy or BPA cp into google and you should find it.

  11. Will I go on to a 1* gen instead of the Head of Senate?

  12. We should help clubhot.
    Dee, your not getting rid of me that easy. XP

  13. Still senate XP

  14. I made this PlayList, see if it’ll work on the chat
    (Copy and past this onto the giant white box thingy on the “Edit” thing)


      Gostt: This comment?

  15. We’ll see Zach. 😉

    Well guys, we’d need a little more talking on CPR chat so try to get on regularly at least this week.

  16. please please help my army most of the allies with CPFBI are declareing war on my army i need your help.Please declare war on CPFBI.

  17. also please could you get most of your allies to help me because CPFBI say they are getting loads of their allies to help them.

  18. Right. Please update us with any details Clubhot. I’ll talk to our leaders. 😉

  19. OK CPFBI say they are going to invade my server snowcone and saturday and i need help to defend it.

    • :/ not much time. Besides, was it a no allies battle? Did they give you a 24 hour warning before the invasion?

  20. yes they gave a 24 hour notice but allies are aloud to help because they are getting loads of armies to help them that is why i need CPR and your allies to help BPA please

    • The CPR is focusing their available resources into other projects. A battle is not in our priority list/

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