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Mission of the Week: Get on Chat Regularly

February 27, 2011


Yep, it’s Dee here once again. 😀 And yes, our mission for this week is to get on chat regularly.

I repeat:


It’s almost the end of the month and you know what’s coming: Promotions! We need you to be on chat regularly and comment on the latest posts. Try getting more recruits. Remember, being a high-ranking officer in an army is nothing without.. well, lower-ranking soldiers. 😉

Why do we need to get on chat regularly?

  • It is your duty as a soldier here. We know you are busy sometimes, but for this mission – we ask you to do your best to get on chat regularly for this week.
  • We need to give you back your membership on chat, modship, and even ownership. I believe chat has been reset.
  • To have fun and get to know our fellow CPR soldiers. High ranking officers and everyone in the army, please remember to keep in mind the post I made not too long ago about your conduct in the chat. Be helpful and be like big brothers and sisters to those in the army in need.

Well that’s all for now. :mrgreen:

Oh yeah, let’s make this a partial ACTIVE COUNT. Comment here if you are active and we’ll note your names down for the upcoming promotion! 😀 Yay!



Have an awesome week. BTW, the active count includes leaders! 😆 We, as the citizens, need to know you are still with us. It will bring comfort and assurance to your nation just by showing your presence here with us. 😆

Rangers, lead the way!


Always move forward, going straight will get you nowhere.


16 Responses

  1. Red Destoyz
    Im here lol

  2. Takashiemiko
    5 Star General
    Active definatly

  3. Flash


    Very Active

  4. fireball732
    Corporal 1st Class
    active 8.7

  5. Gostt / Ghost
    Media Officer
    Always Here


  6. Hello,The warrior alliance is invading the server snowfall at 3 EST next saturday.

    • do you have a link to your site?

  7. Sly521/Sly


    On 88% of the time.

  8. 321fishpop

    Commander In Chief


  9. Josephp3

    GFX Designer (Im Never Called for GFX so im no use for CPR -.-)


  10. suz4890/suzie
    major genral
    not very active(49%)TnT

  11. Snickers4763
    3* General

  12. Wyoskyguy
    GFX Designer
    Online? 94%
    On CPR Chat? 35%
    I come on during events and stuff, since I’m usually busy with my 3 armies I’m 2ic and 1ic in.

    • I got grounded so I will not be able to make any events until possibly this weekend.

  13. Zach 11

    Head of Senate

    Haven’t been active lately, I am trying to get more active.


  14. Alex Cone
    Media Officer
    Ima here when needed.

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