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Great Job Guys!

Red Edit: Guys We Lose to GD 😦 … Jokes! We Won! xD It was a good game and promos are hopefully coming soon so keep up the good work!

Hey Its Red teh Lazy here bringing you a new post. Well as you probably know we were entered into the CPUN tournament Led by Shimmy and Mr Deedledoo and Co Lead by Me and ATM. We put up a very good battle against the Global Defenders and we outnumbered them quite a bit. I would like to thank every single one of you who turned up to help. It means the world to me and Fish knowing you are still here fighting the fight. We do not yet know the results. Promos will come soon in about a week or so and we need to see if we win. Hope for the best guys 😛 Thats about it for me now guys Peace and have a good weekend.

Rangers Lead the WAY!!!

-Red Destoyz


8 Responses

  1. 1st xP
    Good Job guys 😉

  2. Awesome.


  3. O. I’ll try coming on the next battle. I’ve missed a lot. I just got bored with anything to do with Club Penguin because of non-members losing lots of privileges.

  4. am SOO SORRY that i couldn’t make it.
    i’ve been studying my backside off latly:(
    (it hurts btw)

  5. Red heres my pal pad stuff
    fc=3396 3046 8130
    name is austin

  6. The next big battle…
    Snipers vs Rangers!
    Whose gonna win

  7. Im freakin back from freakin little short freakin brake

    • Who knew you could use freaking three freaking times in a freaking sentence?

      -Freaking Wyo

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