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Poll for 5* and 3*General

Dozy edit: There was no spam, Gostt. Also, flash you have no right to edit the ranks page. Gostt hasn’t won yet!

Gostt-Edit: Cilck here for my post, and why you don’t need to vote for someone who says they will give you xats/days for your vote. Do you know if they are liying? Also, Dozy, I was editing out your spam xP

Dozy edit: Click here to see why you should vote for me and Gostt stop editing this post.

Gostt: Yes you did. You looked at who was wining, AND edited ranks.

Flash:I Did Not Know It Wasint Over stop insulting me

Flash: I Was Not Editing… L E A V E  It At That
Red teh Lazy here and with Fish leaving me in charge for a bit I am doing ranks etc

Have Fun Guys and let the Best Man(Woman) Win!

And Im on Holiday from Wednesday for some time…

Rangers Lead the WAY!!!

-Red Destoyz


10 Responses


    • I voted for you. 😉

  2. Flash and dozy, vote for them


  4. I vote for Bob for 6* general. Him and Red.

  5. Congratulations rangers. Your army made it onto the CPAF header.

    http://clubpenguinarmyfortresscpaf.wordpress.com/ is the site!


  6. Look how bout you guys stop editing all together

  7. Flash edited the poll and edited ranks

  8. Seriously we need to get this army more active. Im going ro recruit

  9. I voted for flash and dozer hehe

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