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Declaration of War

Called off
Hullo, Wyoskyguy here.

Armies declaring war:
Against who
BSW [Blue Sky Warriors]
Being cheaters, not excepting a loss. Retreating in battle.

If your army would like to declare war with BSW, comment on this post.

If your army wouldn’t like to help us destroy BSW, then don’t comment on this post.

Since we can’t invade one’s servers, we will do it like old-fashioned crap.

BSW. You are dead.

– Wyoskyguy


8 Responses

  1. Strong troops of cp

  2. okay first off spaff isn’t coming also I wanted a tie they just wanted a victory which I admit they won now and besides we don’t really want war

  3. also DCP is dead SPAFF isn’t gonna come And who on earth is FR? If you choose to go on we will call in our allies which includes NCP,NFF,SW ,and Maybe ST. I’m serious about this

    • Its SPAAF, got that? And its not the DCP, its Dcp (new army) So don’t come here to start all of that.

      • dude we didn’t want war at all this army is good

  4. and may I throw in that were also CPUN member

  5. Do you know how many armies i have on my side? MT declares war on bsw CPPA declares war on BSW so weatherboy you WILL die

    • chubby two things CPPA is our ally and mountain troops are dead so your coming with an empty threat and besides this dang war is over!

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