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Solving a mystery: Clubhot4 (privated for the safety of them)

1. Clubhot4 mysteriously became an admin on our site on Saturday.

2. None of the admins are known to have added him to the site.

3. I was talking to Chubby, and he said that someone impersonated him and tried to start a war b/w ST and CPR in a comment.


(as of June 4 11:20 PM EST)

1. Someone hacked one of the admin’s accounts and made clubhot’s account an admin.
He could have used the accounts of any of the following people: Fish, Dee, Red, Tak, Gostt, or Sky
2. Someone hacked Chubby’s account and changed Chubby’s display name to clubhot4.
But then why didn’t the other posts change to “Clubhot4” also?
3. Impersonation of chubby by using some IP.  I don’t quite understand this  theory.  You get what I’m talking about.  To remove “clubhot4” from the site, Red had to remove chubby’s account.

[These pictures were deleted for the safety of Chubby and Clubhot4]

4. An admin may have accidentally or deliberately added clubhot4 to the site.  Clubhot claims that this is what happened.  It’s very unlikely that an admin would accidentally add someone to the site.  Perhaps they were trying to add someone else to the site but accidentally copied clubhot’s email instead.


20 Responses

  1. There is one thing I need to know. Which comment did clubhot4 post while impersonating Chubby?

  2. I sware that I was looking at wordpress and i saw that i was made admin on CPR. I only made one post on CPR to say sorry. Someone on CPR must have made be admin by mistake

  3. you idiot, first you say you were hacked, now you say another person hacked Chubby(you probably) and made you admin wtf? CPR i have a link about some stuff happening in ST, http://skytroopsofcp.wordpress.com/2011/06/04/issues/

  4. kronos i sware that i didnt make myself admin on CPR

  5. snickers i am going to email wordpress complaining that my email was showen on your post. I will also be emailing other CP armies and CPUN and cp news website complainging about this.

  6. why dont we declare war on BPA together so we can finish thisfor once and for all.

    • fine declare war on BPA but you would be attacking Sky troops because BPA is province with ST and province with CPFBI and cloud troops. Do you really want to fight that many armies

  7. Clubhot, shut up.

    • listen ithink clubhot4 is right i mean one of my friends put someones email on a post and his wordpress account got removed. And because you put peoples emails on posts wordpress can easliy give you a govenrment warning.

      i will also be righting to wordpress and to loads of small cp armies telling them to be enemies with you. And i will be telling CPUN and other cp news sites about CPR.

      • Wow you are such a noob and you probably fail in having life, gz noob.

      • Boydog you noob we are the first cpun army amd dee is in cpr. Wee are respected

  8. I am THE noob around here >.> boydog is a RETARD… or a retared noob

    • O true suz 🙂 havent seen you around much! Lol highfive for that comment

      • chubby your fat

      • ive been busy gettin in trouble chubz >.< HIGHFIVE

  9. @clubhot have you seen your self in the mirror?? no i guess not. You cant go around making comments like that when you dont evan know if chubby is fat!

  10. I have seen what Chubby looks like he is not fat. Clubhot shut up and stop insulting members of my army or I will come down on your like a ton of bricks in a glass warehouse.

  11. you go red!

  12. xD

  13. i was looking through some of my old posts, and i saw this. i know it’s a little late, but i apologize for putting people’s emails in this post. that was stupid of me.

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