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The Future

So I just read the comments on the post in which Gostt addressed the people who support a merger.  I think, for once, I really do not know what to say or do.  It really pains me to see Red and KTman fighting like that, in regards to the whole “worshiping ACP” thing you guys have going on.  I have gotten to know you all well through this little dream world we occupy.  Regardless, it really sucks to see the fighting.

When I think about the hours I (and all of you) have invested in this site and army, it saddens me to see that all those hours have gone to waste.  If this fighting is what has come out of the hours of work, then I have failed.

It really is all my fault.  I should have tried to be more active in the army, but I just can’t force myself to take part in CPR anymore.  I hoped that I would be able to retire after Operation Red Dawn.  I never wanted to retire leaving the CPR in a mess.

I can’t stand Club Penguin anymore.  Ever since it was bought by Disney, it has gotten worse and worse.  Even if it was the same, I would have eventually needed to leave.  The Era of large armies has come to a close.

I always have thought of what I would think of my experience leading this Army when I would become an adult.  In my school, I am noted as one of the “leaders.”  The expirience I have gained from all of this (the CPR) has been valuable.


KTman and Red, you guys got along so well, please stop fighting.


And all of you Rangers must stop fighting with each other.


I really don’t know what else to say.




4 Responses

  1. i respect your wish fish, you have NOT failed, you are THE best leader ever! I just have one wish, if you leave, do you promise to check on the site at random times. (:

  2. I don’t know you terribly well… But from what ive heard, your awesome 🙂

  3. I know how you feel. But I think, if you truly want to leave it organized – give the right people the right positions, and let them handle it. The problem is finding those right people.

  4. Ktman wants us to merge and make him leader. He is saying that ACP will destroy us and me if we don’t. But then again, I have never really listened to threats…

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