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My Final Hour

It is time comrades for my final hour leading this army, even though I doubt how much leading I will actually do in this hour but I guess it doesn’t matter. I will miss all of you and Sky wrote me a retirement post so that will be posted shortly. I have been honoured being your leader and I would hope that some of you felt the same.


I was called back in late October ’10 by 321Fishpop to save this army and for the sake of nostalgia I did. I remembered all the good times I had and seeing this army in the state that it was in, I kind of felt a bit hopeless. Many friends I had known were gone and I felt alone here. I had to improvise and make new friends, which as you can see I did. I had fun here but most of the time I was left to my own devices while trying to run pretty much everything that was happening. It wasn’t entertaining but someone had to do them. So I did my share and led this army for several months and now my time is up. So I will leave you with a final message. Never give up on what you believe in. Giving up is admitting defeat. Never admit defeat. CPR will never die.


Rangers Lead the WAY!!!

True Blood Ranger – Red Destoyz



6 Responses

  1. Red… you were the second person who i met on here, you are a great friend and leader, i am sad that you are leaving, i wish you luck in the present. We will miss you Red!!!!!

  2. You will be greatly missed red. I wish you good luck later in life.

  3. Red i feel we had a special connection. You are my best friend on club penguin and xat. You led me through tough times on many different occasions. I hope we can still chat alot on xat and xbox because i admit it YOU PWN ME AT HALO. I hope you have a great life and remember, if you ever feel down talk to me.

    ~Austin, your protector and friend

  4. Red, you have been an awesome leader and friend. Hate to see you go.

    “Always A Ranger Forever”


  5. We will never give up in what we believe in. I hope you have a happy life Red. Cya!

  6. Damn, was scrolling through history and saw this. We miss ya Red, Rangers ain’t the same without you. But, anyways.

    Once a Rangers, Always a Ranger.

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