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  • Welcome to the official website of the Club Penguin Rangers! This growing army, formed in 2007, is full of wonderful people, from our brilliant leaders to our brave and strong soldiers. Our main goal is to protect Club Penguin from the evil armies. The Rangers were created by 321fishpop, and were then commanded by Ktman. We believe that penguins deserve free will to do what they want without the hostile armies getting in the way, and to have fun snowball fights! Click HERE to join the Rangers!
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Hey guys! sorry i was inactive. just got wifi again today so i hope we can do more. i moved to tampa, pretty awesome here, i also had appendicitis surgery so i will be kinda slow for the next few days. but from now on on every thursday we will be having recruiting sessions at i dont know the time. also i would like to take a vote on something leave a comment in the comment place to let me know what you think. heres what happens:

a cpr soldier is standing on cpr soil and some acp come up, there like DIE and the cpr guy is like NO and kills them all. chubby is all happy and hes like he deserves a medal so i say sky we need medals.

should we have medals? tell me what ya think.


5 Responses

  1. yes

  2. yes…(:
    check this out
    how long can you listen to it with out backing out?? o.o x

  3. Its alright Chub. :3

  4. No problem it’s not your fault.

  5. Medals are bloody hard to keep track of. o.o

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