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Promos/Demos + Active Count EVERYONE MUST COMMENT




Hey Rangers!

Thats right, its that time of the month again (not the ladies thing xP)
First on our list.

Active Count

Comment with…
*CPR Rank:
*Activeness 1-10:

Second on our list…

Promotions and Demotions

Here are the ranks of the CPR Nation and the Club Penguin Rangers:

CPR High Command


Commander in Chief(s)321Fishpop, Red Destoyz, Wyoskyguy, Gostt

Co-Commander in Chief(s)  – Colour Peng, Mr Deedledoo, Chubby45378

5 Star General – Suz48490

4 Star General – Snickers4763

3 Star General- Venus889

2 Star General – Josephp3

1 Star General

Graphic Designer – Wyoskyguy, Dozy12,Josephp3

Media Officer

CPR Officers

Major General – Trevhawk5, Flash70801

Major – kaiba111, Pungy1234, Everton

Captain – Keith09, kingpunguin, RNC12

Lieutenant –

Trainee Ranks

Master Sergeant

Sergeant 1st Class – 

Sergeant – Reeceb

Corporal 1st Class – Patrick 302


Private 1st Class


Thats it


Rangers Lead the Way

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12 Responses

  1. *Username: Wyoskyguy
    *CPR Rank: 1ic
    *Activeness 1-10: 8-9

  2. Pungy1234

  3. Keith09
    Around a 6 right now.

  4. Username: suz4890

    CPR Rank: 5* general

    Activeness 1-10: 8-9 and getting better

    rangers lead the way.

  5. *Username: Gostt
    *CPR Rank: 1ic
    *Activeness 1-10: 10 atm


  6. username:chubby
    cpr rank:2ic
    activeness: id say about 10

  7. *Username: Snickers4763
    *CPR Rank: 4* general
    *Activeness 1-10: 7

  8. Comment with…
    *CPR Rank: No idea. Im switched around like every 2 weeks. ^^^^ Says 2* General
    *Activeness 1-10: 8

  9. Username:Rnc12
    CPR rank:Lieutenant
    Activeness 1-10:6

  10. Everton

  11. *Username: Jasonx1998
    *CPR Rank: Major General
    *Activeness 1-10: 10

  12. Username:Rnc12
    CPR rank:Captain

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