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My last Resign

Hello Rangers.

Today I will Resign for good.

Here are my complements:

Red: You Are the greatest leader to this army i have ever seen

321Fishpop: You Are a Epic person and a great Great Commander-In-Cheif

Gostt: You are a good person besides the trouble we’ve had over the years.

Wyoskyguy:You a Great at GFX. your Gfx are so great it could be worth a million bucks.ive had fun with u over the years too

and other ppl i didnt mention

For the last Time:

Rangers Lead The WAY!!!


7 Responses

  1. Bye Flash.

  2. Buh Bai flash

    • that was me lol sorry

  3. i quit cause i was getting no respect

  4. Bai bai! D:

  5. i said i quit cause of no respect(for people who didnt see it)

  6. We have lost a good soldier. Flash you know i was fake being mean to you right? You will always have my respect.

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