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We Can No Longer be Ignored. This is to CPAE, SMAC, and possibly CPAC.

We are CPR. We aren’t some army that was created a month ago and will die off quickly. We are the Rangers and we can’t be stopped. Today is CPR’s event. Not just any. The best event since Gostt and I have been leader. We maxed 15-16 and averaged 14. Now SMAC, CPAE. And CPAC. If you chose to ignore us. We will only get larger. We cannot be ignored.
We are Rangers. Now, add us to the top ten. Or we will simply get larger

– Wyoskyguy
CPR Leader & CPUN Minister of War and Defence


6 Responses

  1. 1st.
    Good Job.

  2. Sorry about not coming, I had a thunder storm going on around where I live. Epic event.

  3. I ’twas there

  4. I should be highest mod xD

  5. why are they ignoring us?
    Good job to every one who was there!
    (i am sober today o_O)

  6. Sorry i didnt make it. I have a secret to tell. Im in summer tutoring thats why im afk. Ill try to be more active but its hard. Good speech.

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