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We Needz Moar Recruiting

I know, you all hate it.

I hate it too.

Recruiting is the most annoying thing evar…

We need to recruit more.

To do this, I’ve come up with something to motivate “y’all”.

Okay, so if you recruit someone, make sure to remind them to mention that you recruited them (it will be asked on the join page).

If you are mentioned, you get one (Sky or Gostt can change the amount rewarded if they want) a promotion point. Overtime, if you accumulate enough promo points (10), you get a promotion (not for owners).

For owners, if they accumulate enough points, they can get special rewards (which will be revealed once we think of them).

Comment with your opinions!

P.S. Please keep Sky’s mom in your prayers because [REDACTED]. If you would like to know what happen, pleas ask Sky if it’s okay for him to tell you.



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