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  • Welcome to the official website of the Club Penguin Rangers! This growing army, formed in 2007, is full of wonderful people, from our brilliant leaders to our brave and strong soldiers. Our main goal is to protect Club Penguin from the evil armies. The Rangers were created by 321fishpop, and were then commanded by Ktman. We believe that penguins deserve free will to do what they want without the hostile armies getting in the way, and to have fun snowball fights! Click HERE to join the Rangers!
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Defence of Hockey

The AR has invited all armies who claim to own a portion of Hockey to a clearance of the server. Whichever army wins will take it and all other armies will have their portion taken from them. 2 armies in the Brotherhood lay claim to Hockey, ST and CPGT. For Sky Troops, it is just a normal server, but for the Green Team, it is their capital. We will be against NW, AR, Pirates, and more. After looking at recent posts, I feel that Sky Troops have the best chance at keeping this server, and we will, of course, give CPGT their portion of their capital back. I am asking that the Brotherhood come as Sky Troops to help defend this server. Here is the times.

Cleanising of hockey

Date: Saturday, July 30th


1:00 pm PST

2:00 pm MST

3:00 pm CST

4:00 pm EST

9:00 pm UK

Even though we will look like the Sky Troops, we fight as the Brotherhood. Thanks! Comment if you can come.


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  1. so do we wear our uniform?

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