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Ranks Clearing – Whats going on?

Gostt: Guys…. Umm we somehow got back into the CPAE top ten small at #6 in a weird way…..?

Term: Ohai everyone, I just wanted to let Sky know I’ll still be maintaining the ranks and join page. ^-^ Oh, and remember I sent you my new number, Sky. 

Hey Guys. Rangers here, wait, Wyoskyguy here. Sorry, its been a heck of a week. First off, Im gonna do the second part… What the heck is going on? I went inactive for 2 reasons. 1) Call of Duty, and 2) Schools coming up, well, actually it started today (8/17/11). I want everyone on CPR chat even if I’m not. Even if your idle, We will kick you if you are needed. Or I will simply just be a stalker and find the other chat you are on :). Next, dead chats. Since I’ve been inactive, I’ve noticed chats have been dead. No new posts either, other then Tak’s return. Btw, Tak, welcome back. Now, for the most important part. I will be perverted on you if you do not comment. And to the girls – I will be pickin’ my nose in front of you *wary*

ACTIVE COUNT… wait, this isn’t just another active count. This is a ranks clearing. Which means I don’t have to be perverted… I could just remove you *maniac*. Ok, NOW. For the blasted ranks clearing thing…
Lets go through it, shall we?
– Name: Wyoskyguy
– Rank: CPR Commander in Chief
– Activeness 1-10: 4-6
– Loyalty 1-10: OVER 9,000!!!!
OK. Thats it, easy enough. I want it EXACTLY like this, with CPR in front, and your rank on the ranks page…


– Wyoskyguy AKA teh Dragon Warrior


13 Responses

  1. Btw… First *wary*.
    Wordpress went back to the good old settings :O I be lovin’ it.

    – Name: Wyoskyguy
    – Rank: CPR Commander in Chief
    – Activeness 1-10: 4-6
    – Loyalty 1-10: OVER 9,000!!!!

  2. – Name: Josephp3
    – Rank: CPR 5* General
    – Activeness 1-10: 8.9
    – Loyalty 1-10: INFINETY AND BEYOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I am buzlightyear’s Big Bro) *Wary*

  3. – Name: Snickers4763
    – Rank: CPR Co-commander in Chief
    – Activeness 1-10: 2
    – Loyalty 1-10: 10

  4. Chubby

  5. Everton cool
    Major general

  6. suz4890
    10 😀
    YER MAW! >w<
    Lol that means alot

  7. Gostt
    (Even with school) 9 – 10


  8. Takashiemiko
    ummm idk my rank, i need to be told it since i retired and now im bck.
    active:with school, about a 5. try to be better though.
    Loyal: can i choose infiniti??

  9. Keith09

    1 Star General


  10. Name: Color Peng
    Rank: Chief
    Activeness: 4.9
    Loyalty: 9.8

  11. OMFG! Guess who is commenting from a LONG disappearance. But I’m not commenting to kid around. I need to talk to Sky and/or Gostt. And this is a message to Sky: Considering joining this army. lol yea that’s my message to him. kthnxbai!

  12. I am going to be on chat but ill be AFK sometimes now Because am learning how to develop my ESP skills 😀

  13. name captain2.
    rank leuteinit.
    ativens 10 9000.
    loaty wats NOT AWSOME ABOUT CPR.
    P.S sorry i cant spell

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