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CPR Rally

Sky Edit: For those of you who are wondering who this guy is, it is my real life friend. I gave him 2ic because of his experience.

Hey guys. Well, I should introduce myself. My name is Jetfire115. I was recruited by Wyoskyguy in real life. He and I are old pals dating back to the Color War era, and the time before then. Long story short, I am here as a Co-Commander in Chief, and Wyoskyguy himself gave me this position, I have operated far to many armies with Sky. I am 14. Sky’s a year younger then me. Alright, now, onward and upward.

Rangers. I am hosting a Rally. I’m not sure what a rally means to some, but for me, it means we have fun, and fun, and more fun. But we don’t give out anything. Except, well, I don’t know… Sky has taught me everything he knows about Graphics, and well, I’m really good. So I might give out some things.

I don’t know everything about CPR. So yeah, let’s do this. 

Saturday, September 24th
Umm, If I get the times messed up, just show up at the right time. I’m not a total noob when it comes to the timezones. Lol, no offence Sky. Alright, I NEED MORE WORDS, so I’ll just add a little story to the bottom.

I like pie, pie is good, pie pie pi pi pi pi pi pi pi pi pi pi pi 3.14…

Alright, I feel like I’m uncompleted due to the short post… 😦

J€†F!R€ CPR Co-Commander in Chief


5 Responses

  1. I don’t know if i can make it but i’ll try (:
    To Palma De Mallorca – spain! :3 mah home town!
    ¢σмє тo τhε dαrk 5!d3 … wE ђคשє ς๏๏кเєђร

  2. I had exams last week so I wasn’t able to go on the website and of course, I couldn’t come.

  3. im back cpr.i am Flash70801 the one who joined CPR as a loyal soldier during when red and fish were running this.i am more mature than the last time we all met.i am more mature this time. i am in the 6th Grade and now at the age of 11.That is all for now rangers. ask always:


    Gostt: use your name. *wary*

  4. im am terribly sorry for the typos

    • Welcome back!!!!!! You deserve owner flash! Sky make him a owner or i will cry WAAAAAAAAA

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