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3ic Elections

Hello Rangers! As many of you have noticed, we have two third in command posistions open. Here, you can vote for the next two third in commands.

What we want –

  • Activeness – We don’t want people that come on once a day, but is on chat all day long. We want people who are on Rangers chat whenever they are on chat. (By all day, I mean on chat as much as possible, maybe not necessarily all day, but on CPR chat whenever they are on chat)
  • Good leaders – We don’t want people who don’t know how to lead, or can’t handle the stress of being an owner.
  • Friendly people – We don’t want assholes in the leadership, we want people that other people like. OH THE REPETITION 😀
  • Good posters – We want people with atleast semi-decent grammar. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but we don’t want ppl whu tlk liek ths. It looks bad on the army.

Rules of the Game

  1. You cannot vote for yourself. – If you vote for yourself, your vote will not be counted.
  2. Nobody from outside of CPR is allowed to vote.
  3. If one of your friends join so they can vote for you, they need to atleast come to one event.

Now, you must be in Rangers to vote.

  • DarkVoid423
  • Bladez CP
  • Darian923 – 2
  • Sunshineglas
  • Loggingoff77
  • MasterTanic
  • Zach 11 – 1
  • KKABC123 – 2

How to vote

Your name on Ranks –

What rank you are – 

Who are you voting for – 


10 Responses

  1. Me

  2. darian923

  3. Teamgold10
    Master Sergeant

  4. Mars22669
    Master Sergeant

  5. KKABC123

    • Jk

  6. zach 11

    • Thanks so much for voting for me Bluey10132 🙂

      ~Zach 11

  7. kkabc4leader

  8. kk

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