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Zach 11’s Official Retirement Post

Yes I am retiring from ALL CP armies. I still care for this army very much, and I will be a Head Adviser. For now Pookie will be leader for 1-2 Weeks. Then Pride will be leader.

My History:

I started CP armies in 2010. I was on CP seeing these green penguins saying “ACP” “JOIN ACP” and etc. I thought it was pretty cool so I searched them up. and I joined, I was a MAJOR noob. As time went on I got pretty far into the Ranks of ACP. Then I got a PC from a person called “Grillchz200”. He asked me to join his army Mountain Warriors, I put a lot of time into MW, I even got 20 rogues to join me on CP when I was in the Mountain Warriors, but one day I was at an ACP event, and I saw these Red Penguins saying “CPR CPR CPR CPR” I searched them up. I got onto their chat and I joined them. I quickly went up the Ranks.. became Head of Senate, but then I went inactive… I left armies for about maybe 2-5 months. When I returned I saw that this guy named Wyoskyguy was leading them. I joined right away for mod and soon got 3ic/2ic not sure. Then Rangers took a fall and I went inactive again. I came back seeing that the website was inactive and I tried to bring it back, and then Gostt and Sky let me and I wouldn’t say I did that good of a job leading them… >.>… I did lead CPR a few times after that too. Sky also lead Rangers a few times in between that too. I went inactive again, and then I came back and returned to ACP again. I was being the most Active I had ever been in ACP. I even got Mod!!!, but then I left ACP for CPR. I led CPR to getting in the bottom half of the Top Tens. It was awesome seeing that I lead Rangers to that. I even was able to get us a 3rd place trophy in a Tournament, but it is time I retire. I will still come on chat and help when I am available.. or maybe just when I feel like it >.>

People I mention:


Bobcatboy: You were the first person I ever looked up to in Armies, you didn’t really know me but you were the first person to lead me in an army.

Mchappy: You were an awesome leader in ACP. I really looked up to you as a noob. You even recognized me when I came to visit when I was inactive.

PurpleSlime: I remember being a Member in ACP when you were one, but when I came back one day after being inactive I saw you as a 3ic. I was like “Wow” didn’t see that coming lol. You are an awesome 2ic for ACP and you are very nice. Thanks for being a good friend.

Jerry: You are another one of those ACP leaders I was good friends with. You have been really nice to me and have been a good ACP leader.

Bigmail/Obama1800: Thanks for being a good friend during my time in ACP!

Flipmoo/Slimball2007: You are among my most favorite ACP leaders. You were very nice to me and even got me ACP mod. You are an awesome ACP leader, but once I left ACP for CPR you kind of were disgusted with me… :/

EpicOrange: You were an awesome ACPTR Director. You got me an A+ 😀 you even gave me a lot of graces when I was in ACPTR. Thanks for being an awesome friend.

umm.. I could probably name some other people but I can’t think of them right now. I’ll add them later 😛

Mountain Warriors

Grillchz500: You and I were very good leaders in MW. Thanks for being one of my best Friends in CP Armies, AND WHY DON’T YOU GET ON XBOX ANYMORE ;(

Some guy that name starts with a J: I don’t really remember your name, but all I do remember is that it started with a J or something, but you were one of the most loyal people we had in MW. Thanks for everything.

Asdfghjkl888: You were a good leader in MW. You were also really awesome in ACP. I didn’t know which one to list you in.


RedDestoyz: You recruited me into CPR. Thanks for that! I wouldn’t have been in CPR if it wasn’t for you. Also you were an awesome Rangers leader

321fishpop: I don’t really remember you that well, but you were pretty cool I think. Thanks for being a CPR leader and Creator.

Ktman: I don’t really remember being in CPR when you were in it, but I have talked to you before. Thanks for being an awesome CPR Leader. (also don’t try to get us to Merge again).

Takashemikoko: I don’t really know how to spell your name but I hope I was close. Thanks for being a good friend while I was in CPR. You’re a pretty cool person. 😛

Chubby: You have been one of my closest friends since I’ve been in CPR. I hope to have a lot of fun with you on Roblox

Snickers: Thanks for leading CPR with me for that short time, and being here for my last event as a non-retired. Also you could have helped me more.

Beckydino: Thanks for being a could 2ic when I was leading Rangers. I hope you can visit again some day.

Suz: Didn’t really know you that well… umm.. thanks for being awesome?

April: Thanks for being a good UK leader while you were in CPR 😛

Crusherkitty: You were really helpful as a member/mod back in the day, i’m glad me and Snickers found you on CP not too long ago. I hope you do a great job as a UK leader.

KingJared7: YO BRO WHERE YA BEEN!??!!?1 You and I were homies bro. You don’t get on Xbox anymore either >.< Please come on chat asdfkakl;gj;. Thanks for being a cool friend doe. We had some awesome conversations. 😛

Wyoskyguy: I remember thinking your name was Wy-Osky-Guy. So I always called you Osky, but your name is actually Wyo-Sky-Guy. So I call you Sky/Marcus now. You have been mad at me at times, but also you have been a good friend. Thanks for everything you have done for CPR. I hope to be a Head-Adviser with you and Gostt.

Gostt/Shadowar95: I never actually remember you as a Leader, but thanks for being a good Head Adviser for CPR. 😛

Term: I talked to you a few times. Don’t really remember much about you… thanks for being awesome doe. (I think I’ve used the word Awesome/cool a bunch of times in this post)

Dozy12: I don’t really remember much about you. Except you did GFX for CPR back in da day.

Whatsup11: You were a good leader for CPR (I think, I don’t really remember) and you have been a good adviser, you even logged on for a few events.

DereK: I know you’re a part of UMA now or whatever, but thanks for being a good leader and friend.

Flash: I remember you in the Red-Fish Era. I remember beating you in the Poll for Head of Senate, and you outraged about it. Even quit CPR, but now you’re a good friend of mine and a good adviser. I hope you have fun with Poptropica.

Trehawk and Kaihawk: I remember you guys back in the Red-Fish era. You guys were in that Poll for HoS too, both of you only got 4 votes though. Also i’m pretty sure you guys were twin brothers. Also you guys went inactive all of sudden… WHY!?!?

Pinky: You were one of the first people I recruited in this era. You have been very loyal. Thanks for being a good friend too. I hope you stay loyal and be a good 3ic 😛

Pookie: I hope you take the role a leader seriously, and stay active and stay loyal when you become 2ic in 1-2 weeks. Thanks for being a loyal soldier in CPR.

Mariobros: You have been a good friend and moderator for CPR. I hope you do a good job as 3ic for CPR.

Bomberboy: I took you off the ranks sorry. You were being inactive, but thanks for being a good friend and helping CPR in tough times 🙂

Xray: Thanks for helping CPR. I hope you have a fun time in CPR.

Mrdeedledoo: I remember you a lot while I was in CPR. You were really smart and good with grammar. I hope you come on chat again. Also good job with CPUN.

Sidie9: You were a good Aus leader for CPR, and a friend of mine.

Chester: You were the 2nd Aus leader for CPR, thank you for helping, hope you can help Rangers in the future.


Moneytrees2: Thanks for being a Helper in CPR, even though you’re really annoying sometimes, but other than that you have been nice.

*sorry for those I missed*

Thanks everyone for the awesome friendships while I’ve been in Armies. It’s been a fun adventure. Like I’ve said before, I will still come around to visit and help.

~Zach 11 ~ Rangers Head Adviser~

and as always



6 Responses

  1. Thanks for your great service in armies mate. It was a pleasure knowing you and working with you and you won’t be soon forgotten! Enjoy wherever life takes you next, and may we meet again. Adieu


  2. bye zach

  3. Bye Zach! I’m honored for me to lead you in your first army! Thanks for including me in your retirement and I hope you go on to go great things in life man! You were a great soldier!

    Over & out, Zach!

  4. whats ur name on roblox

  5. Well bye Zach D:, sorry if I was a bad friend.

  6. I feel special lol suprised u weren’t like deli n said I need a chill pill

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