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A Final Time (Hopefully)

As a new year begins, I don’t come to say “Welcome back, Rangers”.

No, instead I say, farewell friends.

If you have me added on kik, you’ll have noticed that my name is “New Years Resolution”. For many people, they’ve decided to make some sort of goal to accomplish by the time the end of the year comes around. And it’s common knowledge most people fail to accomplish their goals, and end up returning to regular routine by mid February. That being said, I hope I can be among the few to actually accomplish my goals.

My most important goal, is to finally leave this community. I won’t bore you with my history and life story, because you can read that on my blog (MrWyoskyguy.WordPress.com).

I’m here to bid farewell to everyone here.

Thank you for sharing an adventure with me.

My truest friends, Dan, Gostt. You guys have been through hell with me, and sometimes I miss the adventures we had together. But friends, brothers, we are.
Game, you as well are like a brother to me. I’ll never forget everything you’ve done for me, and I love you in every no-homo sense of the phrase.
Michal, although the chances of you seeing this unless I showed it to you is exactly zero. You’re my little brother, and you can come to me whenever you need help.
Matt and Nick, thank you guys for everything you have done for me this past year. You guys have been great friends, and I’ll never forget you guys.
Sidie, Rex, I’m sorry for bailing like this. But I’m afraid if I don’t do it now, I’ll never do it.
Owl, we lead together this previous summer, and we worked wonders. It’s sad to see Sapper and Color take the credit for what we did. Although I did mess up by leaving, not gonna lie.
Mari, little sister, thank you for promising to always be there for me, you never let me down.
Brain, you are a better leader than you know or anybody realises, find an army, and just lead it. See what happens.

There are many others, people I’ve left off, possibly intentionally, possibly forgotten.

I will finish my career, where I started it, almost four years ago.

2011- Rangers Leader
2012- GD / Pretzels Leader
2013- Team Blue Leader
2014- Chaos Leader

Retired S/M Army Leader, CPUN Head, Visionary, and Forgotten Legend


21 Responses

  1. Is Gostt gonna be lazy and add his retirement to mine like he always has done or is he actually gonna write his own.

    • Meh. Find out soon.

      • Got ya wish. xP

  2. 😦 bye bro.

  3. wy D:

  4. Sky, Gostt, are either of you still alive in this community?

    • No.

      • I need a list of All the leaders ever in order. For SMAP, I will make a list but you need to confirm it.

      • Also, I think the website needs some updating, some parts still say i’m leader. If you make me editor I can fix it. If you trust me..

      • http://prntscr.com/6v3b1o Do you Confirm this as the list of leaders?

      • I don’t know, I haven’t looked at anything army related in months. If it matches the list where ever it is on the site, then sure.

      • Well then that’s the way it will look on SMAP leaders page once it’s posted. Also, can I have editor to update the website? I have no interest in Defacing I love this army (but your probably don’t trust me…). Some places it says i’m still leader and etc. My WP user is: Kylev6

      • No

      • As I have asked politely, I request to have editor on this website, I was a former leader many times. Why do you not trust me? I have no interest in defacing an army I lead and loved. Only because I made you and Gostt Admins? From Head Admin… That was a mistake I made, and I gave Head Admin back to you right away when you asked. Even If I wanted to take over the website I would have made everyone Contributors, not make you 2 Admins… I really want to update some of the pages because some of the information is old, parts of it still say i’m leader. http://prntscr.com/2ue5z0 I joined this army before you and I think I deserve the privilege to at least have editor on this website. Are you just gonna say “no” again?… I won’t bring Rangers back if you don’t want me to. I am leading the Snow Ninjas. Please consider me having editor.. or even author.. or even contributor if that’s possible. Thanks Sky… Please don’t be rude about this.

        ~Zach 11 ~
        ~Rangers Lead the WAY~ RIP ~

      • Either you saw my comment and ignored it, or you just are so inactive you haven’t seen it yet…

      • I saw it, and I ignored it. Move on kid.


      • Don’t call me a kid, I am no kid. You aren’t even much older than I am.

      • Age doesn’t matter, I call almost everybody “kid” or “bud.” Get over it.

      • Why do you care if I have staff on this website, you obviously don’t care about it or CP armies, is it laziness?

      • Because you’re not supplying any reasons to make me want to put you on the site. You say “I want to keep the site updated.” Why does it matter if the site’s updated? The army is dead.

      • no, I want to update the website, not keep it updated… I don’t mean like coming on the website daily and updating it.. I mean update 1 time. Some of the pages still say like i’m leader and that the army isn’t dead yet and etc.

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