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The “Lost” Legend of Gostt

Is it that time? No…it couldn’t. But could it? Could it be that time that Wyoskyguy Gostt finally retires from this community?

Well yes, I believe it is. It only took forever to come to say goodbye.

I’ve been here forever it feels. For me it all started back somewhere around ’09 ’10 with a group on the server Mammoth called Shadow Troops. A small group indeed. A group that saw the cool and fun ways of role playing as soldiers going at it with the green “evils” of a massive army known as ACP and at times others online. Notice the word group and not army. At the time I had no idea just how big of a thing this community was. Until one penguin found me.

But the rest I’ll leave you to a post on my site, about the Shadows group .


Anyway, I’m not really great with listing things… specially friends and every one I’ve come across. But out of all the armies I have either been in or just happen to be at chat for whatever reason, it was nice to somewhat met you all.

Stuff I can remember of that I was part of or just giving some support of hope and gfx, heh, a list of thanks! 

-Shadow Troops of Mammoth


-Ninja Troops


-Any and all of the infinite ideas of Sky



– CPUN (thanks for being there for small armies!)

-Xat for putting up with CP army crap

-WP for putting up with CP army crap

-CP for somewhat putting up with slowed down servers and what not because of us type of crap

-CP is weird and boring these days

-Lag that unfortunately hasn’t been fixed on cp

-Steam Sales (wait no thats not related…)

-Chrome over IE

-Firefox over IE

-Just about anything else over IE…

 -All the friends I’ve ever made here


Lost in this world of armies. Not really much to remember me of other than being the quiet one. But for some it seems that I was more. From running around Mammoth aimlessly, to helping lead armies sometimes even almost to top 10.  To just sitting back and watching from the sides not sure what to think of this thing we do. But in the end, it doesn’t even matter if I was known for anything or what I did. Its that I made good friends and had fun doing it.

And with that, I leave you all! Good luck later on!



1966 day old penguin as of today

1966 day old penguin as of today



8 Responses

  1. Dies this mean Zach 11 gets to be Rangers leader?

    • does*

    • Screw you.

      • o.o

      • Hey i’m sorry for asking that, since your retiring and all, but there’s no need to delete all of Tak’s comments… He comes back and you just delete his comments… Anyway I am sorry for asking that question above ^^^ Rangers can stay Dead. I don’t play CP anymore anyway, i’m more of a TF2 Fan now.

      • I have my moods, so sorry for that bit..
        I had no idea any of his comments were deleted, as far as i know no one has been on site to do so. So not sure with that.

        Btw, i kinda happen to have almost 1k hours in tf2… Just saying.

      • *Sigh* the comments are back… I just checked.. now I feel awkward, just ignore all this.

  2. I want to apologize for how I reacted to your post Gostt. It was your retirement post and I shouldn’t have said “Does this mean Zach 11 gets to be Rangers leader?”. I don’t know what I was thinking. I don’t know where you are in life now and you probably won’t even read this comment, but I hope you are having a great life.

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