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  • Welcome to the official website of the Club Penguin Rangers! This growing army, formed in 2007, is full of wonderful people, from our brilliant leaders to our brave and strong soldiers. Our main goal is to protect Club Penguin from the evil armies. The Rangers were created by 321fishpop, and were then commanded by Ktman. We believe that penguins deserve free will to do what they want without the hostile armies getting in the way, and to have fun snowball fights! Click HERE to join the Rangers!
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CPR Nation

The CPR – The Club Penguin Rangers was the brainchild of 321fishpop on November 23rd 2007 and was the current leader of CPR.  The army was founded on Ktman’s site, the Club Penguin Rangers.  CPR is named after and Elite regiment in the US Military, the Army Rangers. In the past, we had gotten 5+ at events. In the summer of 2011, nicknamed the “Ghost-Sky” era, they got 18+ at events. After the summer, we stayed that way until November. When both Sky and Gostt retired. December was nicknamed “The Waiting Period”. Around Christmas, Sky returned under the pen name “Solar Linux” and he created the Solar Era, getting 8+ at events. Sky retired from Rangers, and gave Shad leader. Due to technical issues, CPR had no events, he retired, and the Rangers sat idling until Sky returned with Suzie, April, and Gostt as leader. Then later they all retired with Zach 11 as the new leader of CPR. Zach 11 and Becky became the new Commander In Chiefs, until finally they both retired. CPR sat idle yet again, until Wyoskyguy and DereK brough the Rangers back. After their retirement, Zach 11 returned as leader, leading to sizes of a max of 10

CPR Motto – The motto of CPR is based off of the US Army Ranger’s motto, “Rangers, Lead the Way.” It means that the Rangers will Lead The Way amongst Small and Medium Armies.

CPR Flag – The CPR flag is red for the army’s main color.  The R represents Rangers, and the four corners of the flag represent the four corners of the globe, as they are all within out reach.  This flag is not the first flag.  Other flag designs were instituted, the most recent one being the current flag, which was adopted During Operation Red Dawn, or the reformation of CPR, during Fall 2010.

CPR Territory – The Club Penguin Rangers Empire (or CPR Nation/Empire)  is the CPR’s territory on Club Penguin or CPR’s country.  It is in this land in which we will have wars, practice or real and do some of our recruiting.  We will also do all of our special events on this server.  The ranks in the Club Penguin Rangers army will be the same as the ranks of how we will govern our server.  All CPR soldiers should come and patrol or visit this server for at least a few minutes or so of their Club Penguin time. [SEE PATROL]


  • Permafrost
  • Snowfall
  • Sherbet
  • Klondike
  • Flurry
  • Oyster
  • Sabertooth
  • Patagonia
  • Vanilla
  • Snow Flake
  • Snowbound

Relations with other armies




Everybody who is not an enemy or an ally




80 Responses

  1. 1st

  2. hey ktman! its me! ninja09! the u.e.c.p.s is not on the allies list!!

  3. Hey Nice vid. Um i have some bad news…..PSA is not wih us anymore…i saw them with the enemys. srry.


  5. whats the animal club?

  6. black jackets would be your allies 🙂

  7. Ask Mr Deedledoo if the Royal Penguin Arsenal is around. Oh yeah. I’ve seen Black Jackets somewhere in the ACP server: Mammoth.

    Col. P


    Who’re the pigs?

  9. can u add the PH/purple heads to ur allies

  10. u guys smell you stink you suck.
    u have coppied off my website i made about 3 years ago. you have coppied and if you dont close this website i will close it down my self you have coppied and i have club penguin on my side. i am freinds with some moderators shut this down now.
    you are a coppy cat how dare you.
    i am annoyed

    • am annoyed at you for being soo SELFISH AND STUBORN

    • why should we we don’t care
      Flashes Edit: Yes We Do…

  11. year i am with cpr.
    the real one not your fake one.
    shut this down

  12. concider us your enemys
    the real cpr

    • When were u guys created? THIS CPR was created a long time ago.

      Gostt Edit: We are the 1st CPR army
      He’s the same guy ‘: / same everything, just not the same name. It’s just one of them haters xP

      • I was talking to the other guy.

        Gostt: Oh… Lol

    • We are the real CPR Club Penguin Rangers, and always will be.

      • I Cant Be On Xat Anymore Bye

  13. u suck close this down plese
    from the real cpr

  14. infact lets battle then

  15. no violance is not the answer agents

  16. Um when was this CPR formed?

  17. There are other CPR’s too. BTW you werent the first army in CP. No armies were formed then. YOU CANT JUST OWN AN ACRONYM LIKE “CPR”.

  18. Hey 5by432. If we’re copy cats then why didn’t you give the URL of your site? And do you have proof, you sea-gherkin?

  19. Search 5by432 in Google and you will see his site.

  20. He’s probably using different names…
    That’s their site and they don’t have any comment box to let us speak.

    -Col. P.

  21. hello im the leader of cpia and my army also owns fjord you possible know that nachos are going to invade fjord so we need help to protect6 fjord.If nachos invade fjord then they steal it from all armies that own fjord so help us stop nachos.

    ~mrpp~fight for rights~

    P.S get as much armys to help and the plans are at cpia site the link is here http://wartex1.wordpress.com

  22. Hello my name is duckmole i am the Leader of the army called ClubPenguinShadowRebels. I would love to become allies with what i personelly think is the best army in ClubPenguin!

    Please reply to my comment on my website…
    the address is


    I hope that you will become our allie!

  23. Fishpop I have two things to say. One I’m shutting down CPBO and sticking with just CPR. And two…..well I’m thinking of retiring. I know I’ve only beenin the CPR for like a year but still, I’m getting tired of nothing. But my decision is NOT final.


  24. in response to wht i just said i am going to quit/retire. im probaly going to join another army later or now i dont know the army or care much right now. i need a break or, another army. Although i will be in touch with the website and see whts going on with cpr. if u start to die away quickly i will come back.


    One last time, RANGERS LEAD THE WAY!!!!!!!

  25. Hello CPR. This is Swat bandit or swat.I’m the CO-leader of SPA air force.We r very desperate to gain servers because we only have two and there both shared by allies.We r soon planning to invade grizzly but we still need other servers.With ur permission we aks if u can be allies to us.Thank you

    • that a long one

  26. You no longer own Flurry…

  27. Artic I thought you were in IW. How come there enemies?

  28. I want your server deep snow. I gues we will go to war for it!
    If you want to know when i will invade your server check our site ghostarmyofclubpenguin.wordpress.com you better watch out!
    ps.Nachos own fjord!


  29. Which servers are actually yours or partially yours.

  30. you know we want your server so we are planing on anvading rainbow our name is pdw and we want your server also the link is http://www.penguindynamite.wordpress.com so we are planning on envading it so i will make the post about the invasuin soon so be ready it migt come unexpected so be ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  31. aslo pdw willl like to be your enemies

    • no shut up

  32. We are invading Grizzly soon, some time this November!! how about the 22nd on a Sunday?

  33. […] CPR Nation […]

  34. I could probably talk Icey into giving us some IW servers.
    Sounds good Artic, but if you could arrange a meeting between Icey, yourself, and me, that would be great.
    I am currently in Europe, so Timing may be akward. -321fishpop

  35. snowfall is the BPA capital so it can’t belong the you losers.

    jimmycb1 and clubhot

  36. Roflmao noobs go play with your sad excuse for an army

  37. if i could can i get one or two more ranks higher so i can be a some sort of leader. please.

    Red Destoyz Edit: Patience

  38. CP Navy want to be allies.


  39. my site is http://www.thesecretarmyofcp.wordpress.com

    (not many soldiers)

  40. why isn’t BPA on allies

  41. Want to be allies with NCACP? (NokaCloneArmy of Clubpenguin) Add us and we will add you!

  42. SCPA want to be allies

    (secret club penguin army)

    (more soldiers)

  43. cps wants to be a allie club penguin sky name will be changed after i get my armys ranks filled

  44. Hey CPR I am Zipyman Leader Of Fire Bandannas Of CP can we be allies? I would love to be allies with such an army of great history and past envents. Here is the link to my site.
    Like you say Lead The way.
    p:s that ryhmes lol

  45. I of the Club penguin Pirate Alliance would like CPR to be allies with us. Here is my website:http://clubpenguinpiratealliance.wordpress.com/

  46. yah! nachos are allie!

  47. a

  48. Done Zach. 😉

  49. Thank you. 🙂

    ~ Zach

  50. I am wondering why Night Warriors are both enemies and allies?

  51. hey ktman please can i have higher rank please reply and ill add you as my favourite

  52. ok is this up to date? cause it says im co-commander? i dont think thts right, is it?


  54. rofl

  55. im going to spreed the word about rangers

  56. Lol Zach. O_O

    Saber people? 😐

    GO TIGER! 😀

  57. hey i got a message.
    Elvis 885 claimed that ACP diddnt want to be our allies anymore,then he said CPR make us look like fools.

  58. wow

  59. how about allies with AirPenguinForceOfCP? link: http://www.apfcp.wordpress.com

  60. Hello i always thought CPR was enemies of ACP.Any way my army BPA really needs your help because CPFBI are bullying us so we declared war on them.

  61. Hi,

    I was just wondering if you wanted to form an alliance with Matthewm8te’s Penguin Army (MPA)? If so please e-mail me!

    Fishpop Edit: Do you have a link to your site?

    • Click on my name!

  62. why are nw are both in the allies/enimies list?

  63. Can the Global Defenders be allies?

  64. NEVER!
    Flash:YES Let Them Become Allies

  65. Yeah Pungy Sure.And Captian You Dont Give Orders To Other Leaders Even If In Other Armies

  66. The Fire Ninjas Would Like To Be Your Allies. Here’s Link: http://fireninjas.com/banner

  67. Ah crap, I was hoping u would be rivals of IW

  68. http://titanarmyofcp.wordpress.com/2013/06/18/war-with-cpr-n-en/

  69. LBW lucky blue warriors want to be your allies.http://clubpenguinlbw.blogspot.com

  70. The Chaos Army would like to have a PB with you guys on Friday (2/20/14). Times will be 8pm est 7 pm cst 6pm mst etc hope you guys can make it! 24 Hour notice starts now and the rules are: No Spying, Hacking, Allies/Colonies, cheating etc -Sapper

    • And the server is Klondike

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