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Unlike most armies, CPR has different uniforms.  Along with regular battle uniforms, there are ceremonial uniforms, similar to most Militraties around the world.  CPR soldiers are given more liberty to what they wear.  You can wear a specific uniform, matching each item piece by piece, or you can add certian elements to the uniform.

Items List

Note:* Denotes Item is available to Non-Members.

Color(s)* – Red and Black

Head – Snow Patrol Helmet, CPIP Tester Helmet*, Red Baseball Cap, Red Touqe/Beanie*, Red Football Helmet, Red Bandana*, Fireman Helmet, Red Propeler Beanie, Santa Hat*

Face – Red Sunglasses, Agent Sunglasses, Night Vision Goggles, Ninja Eyeband*, Red Facepaint*

Neck/Back – Red Backpack, Western Red Hankerchief*,  Jetpack,  Adventure Backpack, Hiking Backpack

Body – Mountain Rescue/Snow Patrol Uniform, Red Hoodie, Red Hockey Sweater, Red Soccer Jersey, Red and Black Striped Shirt*, Red Letterman/University Jacket, Red Karate Belt*

Hand Items – Red Electric Guitar

Feet Items – Black Sneakers, Hiking Shoes, Brown Leather Boots*

Here is a picture of some of the new uniforms as they appear in-game.  (This picture will be edited as new items arrive and more people can model)

CPR Uniforms

The following are a few different uniforms as they appear on Player Cards.

(NOTE TO AUTHORS: Please create a list in the same format above for each specific uniform)

First Generation

(Originals Uniform)

  • Member Uniform

CPR Uniform Gen 1

  • Non-Member Uniform

CPR Nonmember Gen 1

Second Generation

  • Member Uniform
CPR Uniform Gen 2

CPR Uniform #1 Generation Two

CPR Uniform 3

CPR Uniform 4

  • Non-Member Uniform

CPR Non-Member Uniform Gen 2

CPR Uniform Non-Member 2

Destoyz Fish Era Uniform

Non Member

Ghost-Sky Age Member Uniform:

Ghost-Sky Age Non Member Uniform:

If you dont have part of the uniform, wear any item close enough to replace it. 😉


51 Responses

  1. First comment

      Umm not realy. bye bye-fishpop

      • You arent Crazy boy 86……

      • That Makes me third..

      • Srry, fourth.. This is fifth…

    • I’m really second NOW.

      • Oops I’m not..

      • im 3rd

  2. second comeat

  3. thrid comment

  4. forth comemnt

  5. i don´t have red sunglasses

  6. sixth comment! awww men!!

  7. seventh…

  8. eighth comment .

  9. ninth comment

  10. I dnt have the Uniform 😦 😦

  11. i dnt have the uniform 😦 So Now What do i where ?! 😦

  12. Me too. I also don’t have the uniform. I only have the Red Guitar and the Night Vision Goggles and sunglasses from the PSA.

  13. The only thing I need left is the Red Backpack/Adventure Backpack

  14. wat about sergents up wats our uniform is it diffrent or the same

  15. 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15th commmmmmmmmmennnnnnnt

  16. um 16th woo hoo, i guess, im good on the uniform though.

  17. cool site

  18. 16th…

  19. what can i use to replace the body item and hand item?

  20. i dont have a red bandana
    i have a black one though

  21. i dont have the guitar, so what do i do

  22. 21!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. i have everything except for the red face paint 8)

  24. its the uma uniform!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No, Uma has a slightly Different uniform. Im working on a newer one anyways. It resembles the old CPR Uniform.

    • Yeah and this is not what the RT uniform is check your eyes!!!

  25. hi CPAU isnt aliys with Crew

  26. Can you add stuff to the non members one because it looks kinda plain and common.

    • You can customize the outfit if you want, just make sure your red 🙂 – Newcastle18

  27. Um just a side note for ya to think about here, how bout a new uniform?? not everybody is gonna have tht stuff including the red backpack, and its kinda old ish. I mean if we are reviving CPR maybe we could get a new uniform. Here is my suggestion.

    Head Item: Yellow Toque ( i think its orange )
    Body Item: Black Whirlpool Suit
    Feet Item: Winter Boots
    Hand Item: A Guitar ( prefebly black )
    Face Item: Gold Sunglasses or Black Glasses
    Neck Item: Hiking Backpack

    Its just a suggetion, but evenif you dont like it, at least try and revamp the current uniform.

    Head General/Judge Takashiemiko

    • o i forgot,

      Colour: Black

      I hate to change the colour but, red doesnt work and we should try and get it restarted with a new uniform ya know, New Era, New Rangers, and New Uniform.

  28. do you have anything for girls???

  29. Probably not xD

    • well thats just GREAT :[ XP
      plz pepo make one for meee/ girls
      i would appreaciate it

      ~ suzie

  30. o no I have not got any of the neck items shall i just wear something red on my back?

  31. Wear anything if one of the items are unavailable to you. 😉

  32. i made a list 4 my sis 2 follow so she can represent it (i am pretty sure she has them)

  33. i have most of uniform but how is red face paint for non members i dont c it in treasure chest anyway start over i got 1st comment

  34. red, can i make a uniform for girls?? plzzz

  35. No lol

  36. dang

  37. suzi all u need to do is just wear girl hair thats ok its what i do

  38. i just becam a member so ill try to get the new uniform


  40. Good line of uniforms.

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