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  • Welcome to the official website of the Club Penguin Rangers! This growing army, formed in 2007, is full of wonderful people, from our brilliant leaders to our brave and strong soldiers. Our main goal is to protect Club Penguin from the evil armies. The Rangers were created by 321fishpop, and were then commanded by Ktman. We believe that penguins deserve free will to do what they want without the hostile armies getting in the way, and to have fun snowball fights! Click HERE to join the Rangers!
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Legends of CPR

These are the most dedicated and longest active soldiers of CPR. They are in no particular order. We don’t have pictures.


Derek was a leader alongside Wyoskyguy in 2013, and helped get Rangers into a somewhat successful position. He was a strong, and gifted leader, and the Rangers were lucky to have him.

Zach 11

Zach was one of the last leaders of Rangers, and while his time as a Commander in Chief here at the Rangers was short, and not very productive, he has continued to pester Wyoskyguy and Gostt about the Rangers, and stuff on the site. While Zach is annoying, his love for Rangers has driven him right into the ranks alongside many of the other famous Ranger leaders.

Gostt / Shadow

Gostt was the rock that lead Rangers in 2011 alongside Wyoskyguy. He managed the army, and was one of the leaders to lead Rangers to the #1 Small Medium Army that was Rangers. He’s lead multiple times since then, and continues to oversee the site and any potential future leaders. Alongside Sky, he brought the Rangers into a new age of graphics.


Sky first lead Rangers in 2011, alongside Gostt, and the duo created the Rangers that would eventually become #1 in the Small Medium Army Community for a short time. He’s lead multiple times since then, and continues to oversee the site and ensures no silliness occurs on the site. Sky brought the Rangers into a new age of graphics.

Chubby aka Chubs/Chubz
Chubz was a great Co-Commander in Chief of the CPR, and is now a retired CCIC. He watches the CPR from a distance, possibly hoping to return one day. He was one of Sky’s closest friends at the time, and could have become a Commander in Chief if he hadn’t of left.

Suz aka Suzie
Suzie was one of the first girls to become Co-Commander in Chief of CPR, and she does her job well. She was also a lover of Sky. She could one day become one of the leaders of CPR.


This army’s leader for many months, and probably the greatest we have had. We were at our height during his rule. He played an important role in Order 67, and is now currently retired. While he attempted to merge Rangers into a major army, he gave Wyoskyguy and Gostt the incentive they needed to raise Rangers into the spot that they are currently known for.


The creator of the Club Penguin Rangers, 321fishpop was the Commander in Chief and 5 Star General of the CPR.  After creating the CPR, he was content with letting Ktman lead, until Ktman’s retirement, when he became First in Command.  He has began rebuilding the army through Operation Red Dawn, and has called up some former CPR greats, such as Red Destoyz and Red Spanial. Today he watches CPR from a distance.


One of the first people ever to join this army, and a longtime member of the senate. He vanished a long time ago, but dramatically reappeared during Ktman’s announcement of his retirement, causing a large wave of surprise. None of us saw that coming. He became a Senate member, but now hes is inactive, possibly gone.

Red Spanial

Another one of the old guard, and member of the senate, as well as the leader of the long defunct Light CPR.He was a loyal soldier through the ages, but now has become increasingly inactive, and is also possibly gone.

Mr. DeedleDoo

Mr. Deedle Doo, or “Dee” as we call him here, is a long time friend of CPR.  He convinced 321fishpop to rebuild the CPR, and constantly helped out with all the work.  He was the head of the CPUN, and was a major factor against Order 67.  An ACP legend, Dee was a celebrated officer in the ACP.  He continues worked with the CPUN, which is CPR’s greatest ally to this day.  A genuine and funny chap, Dee is always up for a laugh.


A hardworking soldier, KingJared came to CPR and quickly rose through our ranks.  He was never one to miss a battle, even though he does not like CP much anymore.  He followed the CPR throughout the downturn, never leaving the army’s side.  In Operation Red Dawn, Kingjared, (or king, or jared, or whatever you want to call him) was one of the first people to answer the call.  He continues work in the IW, and is always around to help out.


Newcastle was perhaps one of CPR’s most loyal soldiers.  He lead the CPR through the slump, even though there was no one else.  He pushed on bravely, yet finaly succumbed and retired, leaving the army to die.  When the army was to be rebuilt, he quickly joined up again, eager to help.

Mr. Blubob

A loyal soldier, and hardworking too. He worked his way up the ranks and he also became leader of the army, along with Fishpop. He has been missing in action for many years.


Arcticsledder is a longstanding soldier.  He joined in late Febuary or early march, and Had been a colonel for months then he was made 2nd in command upon Ktman’s retirement, and then made 3rd in command after a demotion for slight inactivity.


Benu was an amazing high ranking official. He joined shortly after Mr. Blubob, and worked his way through the ranks astoundingly fast. He became a Senate member, and then, upon Ktman’s retirement, head of senate. When Arcticsledder was demoted, he became second in command. Benu is currently MIA, Maybe some day he will return.

Red Destoyz

Possibly the most loyal and active soldier this army has ever had. He created this site, and led the now defunct Dark CPR, which managed to gain over 450,000 hits, astoundingly. He was the third in command for many months. When this army was mortal enemies with ACP, he was always a thorn in their side. He would go on their chat and convert soldiers to enemies of ACP. He always managed to do damage to them in battles, even if it was only him vs. many ACP, as it so commonly was. He also made many pictures, edited, that showed him leading many CPR against whatever enemy we had just beaten, with us yelling CPR!!!! and the enemy yelling AAAH!!!!. He was vehemently opposed to Order 67. However, in August, he became inactive, and never returned. The reasons are unknown. Thus ended one of our greatest soldiers, and definitely the most active, of all CPR history.


Although not in CPR himself, Itachi6dark was the leader of the Red Raiders, CPR’s most loyalest allies and friends. Itachi6dark was a fierce soldier and a good leader.  Anytime CPR found itself in a jam, we could always call up Itachi and his loyal soldiers to help us out, with Itachi6dark personally leading the way.  He was one of the best people to have by your side while in a battle.  Not only did 321fishpop, Ktman and Red Destoyz become politically close with him, they also became friends.


46 Responses

  1. Wait… Takeshimo was first to join? I was second! 😀 And I am leader of LCPR? Why isnt anyone telling me this stuff!
    Mr. Blubob: Tak was ONE of the first it says. and i meant to put that on RedSpanial, about LCPR. But if you can get it runing again, you can be the leader lol.

  2. Guys please with your permission can you take the part away about me being apart of a false scandel. I did alot of great things for this army and that part just taints my whole bio.
    Mr. Blubob: I did, sorry about that.



  5. Yeah, Its not very fun having one sentence about you saying you were demoted. I still dont understand why I was demoted though. I was there, there was just nothing to talk about or post about, and I hadnt heard from Blubob for a while.

  6. Im editing this page so it only has active content.

  7. Sorry meant positive.

  8. I think its better now.

  9. Arctic, you still have the thing about demotion. Why d u think its better?

  10. You forgot to put Red Destroyz was the one who found RR fighting ACP and turning RR and CPR into becoming great allies. If he wasn’t around RR and CPR would be dead because of the lack of help.


  12. hey watta bout me
    (to fishpop only)

  13. join my army at http://mashcp.wordpress.com/ plz i know blubby plz remember to join

  14. wow i never knew i was a Cpr legend, cool.

  15. wow these ppl mustve been a great halp to the cp rangers

  16. Yeah we were just there comes a time when even the strongest leaders can’t lead anymore.

  17. I remember Itachi6Dark saying, ‘Red Destoyz mysteriously disappeared’.

  18. But Ktman.. Benu left us. He left us and lived a life of his own.

  19. I think Red Destoyz died or something.
    He just sort of went missing of the face of the earth

  20. Hey guys. im partially back. I think iys great that u think of me as a legend

    Red Spanial

    • Hey red
      Gald to have you back. You were one of our greatest Soldiers. I will put you in a officer position on sunday, when i plan to edit the ranks page. I have good news too. I have contacted red destoyz and he has offerend to come back. CPR will rise again!

      • True words, we WILL rise.(wether or not any other army likes it or not)

  21. I guess people wanted me back so here i am

  22. woah i can see how there legends, hopefully ill be one

  23. How do i rank up.
    Im finding difficulty to find out when battles are.
    Why dont u put up whenever u go on the chat it will tell u when the next battle is?
    All schedualed (planned) events can be found on the blog’s homepage. Also, we have many unschedualed events. They will be found on the chat. To rank up, one can do so be being involved in the CPR. By attending battles and displaying courage, loyalty, and disclipline, you can be noticed by the officers, who can suggest people for promotions.

  24. i am sad I AM NOT A LEGEND!!!

  25. I will hopefully build up to a legend and if i do it will be one great achivment I always wanted to be famous on cp somehow

  26. 😆 The good days, I remember RR, but yeah… Itachi has passed, and maybe, just maybe, he’ll come back, and scroll through these comments. Its a shame he never met me, or Gostt… We could’ve brought CPR and RR higher and stronger.

    – Wyoskyguy
    CPR Leader

  27. Sky and Gostt for legends! 😀


      • What about me :,(

      • And of coarse chubby!! no one can forget him !!

  28. I should be put down as a legend missing-in-action (MIA). *wary*

  29. What about me? I’ve been in this army since January 2011.

    • -_-” Lol

      Well idk 😛

    • I’ll add you soon. Sorry, when I updated this, I was rushed and couldn’t add everyone I wanted too.

  30. Boy this was a awhile ago

    • The legend returns… I ask you can you come back to cpr and revive it… Thanks you~~~~

      • Oh Chubby…

    • I’ve been getting nostalgic all of a sudden…….

      Hows it going artic?

      hows minecraft been treating you? ^^

      I am actually thinking about getting an account, it looks like a lot of fun

  31. Minecraft, I heard about that site. Never joinned though. Anyone on chat?

  32. 1. Too many Legends 2. I should be on there? :$

    • Why?

      • The Dark Side is no longer taking in more souls…

      • Just some advice :D?

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