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The Rangers – Leading the Way in 2014?

Hello Former Rangers

Long time no see 😀 It’s been quite awhile since anything has been seen from this site. I’m going to cut to the chase, and get onto what I made this post for.

Should the Rangers return to Club Penguin Armies?

Rangers, Lead the Way!


Former Rangers Leader


CPRangers Closed for Summer

Rangers, as of now no one is willing to give this army its last summer run.

I won’t be coming back to lead CP armies any more, Sky can’t or is too busy with other things.

I will only give somebody one last time to lead Rangers for this summer.

That is it.


~Rangers Lead The Way


Events – 11/20/13 – 11/26/13

Welcome back, Rangers.

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Our SMAC Rankings

Hello there Rangers, I saw that on the SMAC Rankings we ranked 11. http://prntscr.com/198d4t

Last week we were ranked 7.

This isn’t good at all. I got on chat and noticed no one had been on it since about 3 days ago.

We need to recruit way more, CPR could possibly die and I don’t want that to happen.

Comment if your still active in CPR.


2012 Come Back (Meeting)

Sky Edit: Chubz, I’m disappointed with you. Not wanting Gostt? Now, because of him, we got ranked for some time. Kt, please, I guess we need to talk.  Which.. last time, didn’t end very well. But alas, we should. I was the last leader of Rangers, and I think it’s item we end Rangers, or we embarrass ourselves further by get 2- at events. It may be summer, but it sure as hell isn’t gonna make this any easier.  The past is the past, and we have to move on. I’ve thought about bring us back, but you know what,  I’m bored as crap of CPW, only reason why Im still around is because of friends. Only way I get to talk to friend during the summer. So, alas, lead on – Try to get our rank back, or we just give up. Club Penguin Warfare is failing, everyone knows it, it’s just finding the perfect place for us.

Well now. . .

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Gostt: So much for that come back….

Hello Rangers.

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Tactics sessions Once More

How many you ask? Every weekend will have one or two. And soon more events in the weekdays.

For start:


  • Tactics session
  • This Sunday 10/30/2011
  • 1:00 pm EST
  • 12:00 pm CST
  • 11:00 am MST
  • 10:00 am PST
  • 6:00 pm GMT
How Long:
  • 1 Hour
Comment if you can come or not.
Rangers Lead The Way

A CPUN Rally

Edit: We are now officially part of the Retrolution, bringin’ back the good ol’ stuff.
Edit: We are once again… CPAE’s Top Ten Small #1.

Gostt here,

We was asked to go to this. So we will be going.

Info from CPUN Site

When: September 17


2:00 AM Eastern (EST)

1:oo PM Central (CST)

12:00 PM Mountain (MST)

11:00 AM Pacific (PST)

7:00 PM U.K (GMT)



Server: TBD

Lets try to be there.


[MANDITORY] Teh Plan is in Teh House + Plan Info [VERY IMPORTANT]


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Good Job Today

Gostt: Again guys, good job. We have been doing this at random times, and have done good. So every one needs to get on chat more. Keep it up CPR! 🙂

Hey CPR! This is gonna be short. As I am eating pizza.

~ Wyoskyguy