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The Rangers – Leading the Way in 2014?

Hello Former Rangers

Long time no see 😀 It’s been quite awhile since anything has been seen from this site. I’m going to cut to the chase, and get onto what I made this post for.

Should the Rangers return to Club Penguin Armies?

Rangers, Lead the Way!


Former Rangers Leader


Needs Snow

Happy Holidays from the CP Rangers! 😀

Hope for a awesome new year!


It’s Been a Long Time

Hey everyone that still even sees this… just stopping by. 🙂

Hope everyone is doing okay!


CP Rangers 2012

Still here, for now.


Nothing more to add.



Sky go to bed ¬-¬

^Sky stayed up all night 😮 Bad boy!!!111!!Shift!!11



Keepin’ it real

[MANDITORY] Teh Plan is in Teh House + Plan Info [VERY IMPORTANT]


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Epic Random Event


Hey CPR, 

Once again, a random event got us lots of people on CP.




Good Job Rangers! We have some PB’s coming up soon. Info on that will be posted as soon as we get them.

“Rangers Lead The Way!”


Solving a mystery: Clubhot4 (privated for the safety of them)

1. Clubhot4 mysteriously became an admin on our site on Saturday.

2. None of the admins are known to have added him to the site.

3. I was talking to Chubby, and he said that someone impersonated him and tried to start a war b/w ST and CPR in a comment.


(as of June 4 11:20 PM EST)

1. Someone hacked one of the admin’s accounts and made clubhot’s account an admin.
He could have used the accounts of any of the following people: Fish, Dee, Red, Tak, Gostt, or Sky
2. Someone hacked Chubby’s account and changed Chubby’s display name to clubhot4.
But then why didn’t the other posts change to “Clubhot4” also?
3. Impersonation of chubby by using some IP.  I don’t quite understand this  theory.  You get what I’m talking about.  To remove “clubhot4” from the site, Red had to remove chubby’s account.

[These pictures were deleted for the safety of Chubby and Clubhot4]

4. An admin may have accidentally or deliberately added clubhot4 to the site.  Clubhot claims that this is what happened.  It’s very unlikely that an admin would accidentally add someone to the site.  Perhaps they were trying to add someone else to the site but accidentally copied clubhot’s email instead.

merge maybe???????

Gostt: HELL NO! What are you thinking?!? The Club Penguin Rangers will NEVER MERGE with ANYONE.  Your starting to get me mad if you know what I mean.

Hey chubby here. i was thinking after i saw BSW website maybe we should merge with them. we all know this army is dying. and wouldnt it be better to be owner of a major or near major army? i talked to weatherboy and asked him if us owners would be owners he said yes and gostt or sky could be co 1ic. all of you will have the same ranks, and we would be a major army or so close that another few troops would make us a major. and besides we all know that iw is dying we could easily overtake them. do NOT post over extremely important. tell me what you think in a comment!


should i stay or should i go

my life has sucked for a long time but it sucks worse now. i made great friends but i think its time to leave all cp armies. i thought how much a loser i am for playing it. if you want me to leave just leave a comment say bye.